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I am a 34 year old wife and mother of 2. We also have a 7 year old golden retriever/border collie mix named George, 1 frog named Fred and 2 bunny rabbits a male named Bugs Bunny and a female named Girlie. Excitingly enough on December 6, 2011 in the a.m. to my pleasant surprise I arrived home to find 5 brand new baby bunnies not even a few hours old in all their glory. So currently we have a total of 7 bunnies but we are currently looking to find them great homes for the 2012 new year. We are a family of animal lovers. I was born in the U.S. but now I live in Canada. I am the eldest of 4 siblings whom I love dearly and are oh so fun and complicated in there own ways. My wonderful Father is Canadian and my fantastic Mother is Peruvian and if you think Gloria from the hit t.v. show Modern Family is hilarious you should spend some time with my Mom. My childhood was very good and filled lots of love, fun and laughter. Every moment in my everyday is about my Family. Family is what is most important in my life. I need a little reminding every once in a while as I am sure we all do but at the end of the day...family is where it's at.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

If You Had Just 1 Wish....What Would You Wish For?

Do you have 1 wish?
Please feel free to share...

Would you like to know my wish... I wish to wake up one day and have my Baby Mia (Olivia's identical twin sister) back, alive and calling out my name as Olivia does...Mama! Saying good night to her picture, holding her blanket with her scent on it or holding the imprints of her little feet that the hospital gave me and her memory that lives in me always is all that I have and I want more. I want my baby back so badly.

I Love These People...They Own My Heart!

Meet my Parents:

My Mom...She can drive me insane, she is stubborn as heck and set in her ways but she is my Mom and I love her. When I think of my Mom I think love of strength, heart of the family, hard working, devoted and generous. She loves her family so much, with my Mom family comes first and yes there have been many times when we have all wanted to set eachother on fire but we always come back. My immediate family members are like boomerangs, you might want to toss them away for a moment but they will always come back. My Mom has been with me through thick and thin. I certainly challenged her to the core. She is a great Mom and an amazing Grandma (or as my kids call her, Yaya). She loves her grandkids as if she gave birth to them herself and oh are they crazy about her. My Mom is always ready and always willing to help them. Thank you for being so great to my kids and for always showing us that family is always first and foremost.

My Dad...This is the cutest man on the planet, a pure soul and one of my best-friends. My Dad has always quietly tried to make sure that we make the right decision and that hopefully it is the right thing to do. Unfortunetly I do not always listen but I do certainly try my hardest to make him proud of me. My impulsiveness, passion and fierce temper sometimes get the best of me but my Dad is not perfect and understands human fault without passing judgement. My Dad is someone to admire. He is truly a gentle-man and the definition of loyal, honest, trustworthy, kind, and generous. I feel so blessed to have had him around this long and so involved in my life. My Dad has a great big heart that never stops giving and wishing. In casual conversation the other day my sister asked my Dad, Dad if you were granted one wish, what would that wish be? Most of us would probably say things like, "I want to be a gazillionaire" or "I want to rule the world" but not my Dad, without hesitation he simply said, " I would want my Grandaughter to be cured of her disability so that life is not any harder for her then it has to be". Thanks Daddy for always being there for me and I love you!

Meet my Kids:
First off...My children come with a disclaimer kinda like on a kids toy package *My kids are my everything, they are my #1's; I have zero tolerance when it comes to my kids. I feel very sorry for those that are nothing but kind to my kids. I am a Mama bear always protecting my baby cubs at all times. Be very careful or you may get hurt*

My 6 year old boy. My world, the air I breath... I love this boy. He is such a good soul. Smart, friendly, loyal, handsome, ready for anything and always willing to try. I could not have computer generated a more perfect kid. He loves his family, school, animals, sports and Spiderman. And most importantly he is a wonderful big brother.
My Baby Girl, I am in awe of her all the time, she is my heart. She is such a trooper, hard worker, survivor, beautiful, sweet and kind. She loves everything!!! My baby and I work hard and we play hard. I am determined to make sure she has a normal and happy life...ALWAYS!

Baby Mia...My Angel in heaven, we miss you everyday and we love you so much.

George our dog...OMG so cute, the cutest dog that ever lived and so sweet, wonderful with the kids he is just amazing. Our first baby and absolute gift. We love this furry fur ball and we hope to have a thousand more years with him.

My Husband:

Like my kids I am very protective of my husband. Just the other day we were at the movie theater and I was going to let my husband out so that he could go ahead and buy tickets for the new Harry Potter movie so that he could go later in the day with our son. Just as he is about to cross at the pedestrian crosswalk I see a car in my side view mirror speeding through the parking lot way too fast. My husband was unaware of the speeding car so I honked my horn at him and he quickly looked up and got out of the way. He was mad at me for making him jump but it may have just saved his life. I was so mad I followed that car to the nearest gas station while my husband was inside and unaware of what was going on as he was busy buying the movie tickets. So I pulled up to the car and as the driver got out I told him, " you know you almost hit my husband back there", the drivers response, "yeah and he should have been looking where he was going", so I yell, "he was you dick, you were just driving way too fast and almost killed my husband", he has the nerve to say, "is that how you speak in front of your children" and I said, "slow down asshole before you kill someone" and I drove off. I was so mad I was seeing red, my blood was boiling and had I not had my kids in the car I may have gotten out and kicked his ass. My husband is my right hand, my better half, my soulmate and best friend. We have been to hell and back together and we just keep buckling that buckle a little bit tighter and off we go on to our next adventure together. My husband is pure sweet, there must be maple syrup that runs through this man's veins. So kind, a wonderful husband and father, strong, hardworking and loyal. He also has a funnyside when it is off the cuff. God love him he is a long winded story teller actually you know what he is just an all around bad story teller but if that's all I have to complain about, come on I will take that. My ultimate dolce far niente moments are with my husband, at home with the kids just hangin out. I don't need Italy and I don't need France to get that dolce far niente I am looking for, I just need him, I love this man with all my being.

My Siblings:

Ernie, my brother and Godfather to my son. Bib is a complex guy with lots of dimensions, always trying to find himself, always reinventing himself to become the best person he can, he works so hard and is ultimately going to become a great success. Bib is a terrific human being...kind, passionate, determined and hard working. Growing up he and I were very close and remain that way. We don't communicate as much as I would like but I appreciate that he is a busy guy and hard at work. Bib has always looked out for me and I for him. He is awesome, I love him dearly and miss him tremendously. Keep on keeping on.

Christopher, my brother and Godfather to my daughter. Kik in one word is HILARIOUS and loads of fun to have around. Kik like Ernie is a complicated guy with a fierce temper and passion and drive for success. At the root of this fantastic guy is a wonderful, thoughtful and sensitive soul that wants the best for those he loves most but is sometimes misunderstood. Kik and I understand eachother very well and for the most part always have. I know he will find exactly what he is looking for in life and there will be no stopping that train. He is amazing and I love him.

My sister Daniela better known as theniele or the baby and Godmother to my son. Daniela has just completed a masters program and is teaching in Maryland. This beautiful kindergarten teacher with a gift for teaching young children is smart, driven, loving and giving and make no mistake my sister might be the baby and is probably a bit more soft spoken then her siblings but she wants to be heard. For the most part I feel like I know my sister very well but my sister like a butterfly is still in metamorphasis. She is still asking herself lots of questions, observing life and probably a little unsure of the future which is probably scary for her. My sister and I don't always see eye-to-eye, we definetly agree to disagree but she knows she can always come to me but in true theniele form she is usually disguised as a hermit crab living in her little space and keeping it all in. Make no mistake about it I love my sister and I want only the best for her and what makes her truly happy, whatever that is.

I Can't Believe I Am Actually Going Through With This!

This whole blogging thing seems a lot easier then it looks. As soon as I thought I was ready to write and put it all out there I did stop and dry my palms off a few times. It is a little nerve racking once your fingers find those keys and one worries will I be judged but I guess I am doing this because I want to reach out to all of you Mama's out there and I want to hear your day-to-day stories and in return I want somewhere to write about mine. Everyone has a story and even if no one else is reading, this is my therapy. Therapy from what you might ask. Well...LIFE. Life is up and down. I have some great days and some really bad days and sometimes I just rather not burden my husband, mother, father, best-friend, sister and brothers. Sometimes I would prefer to just reach out to a complete stranger. I was recently inspired to start a blog by a girlfriend of mine and thought what a great idea. So here it goes, I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it and together we will save eachother a lot in psychiatry bills. Good Night for now.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Friendship and It's Wonderful Moments Is A Great Example Of IL Dolce Far Niente!

I guess I feel inspired to write today. I apologize if two blogs in one day from the same writer is a little overwhelming but I am sure the creative juices will soon start to slow down. I just want to take a minute to say a few words about what I have learned about true friendship only this late in life.
I may only have a handful of beautiful women in my life but I am so grateful that I do. Like family we sometimes take our friends for granted and yes we get on eachothers nerves and fight but like sisters we talk it through go to Starbucks and hug it all out. My sister and I used to pull eachothers hair and throw purses at eachother but that was years ago. Life has it's dark moments and like family we turn to those true friends for a kind word, strength, love and support. I would not be where I am today if it was not for a couple of special ladies in my life and you know who you are. It's funny like family we may not talk everyday, we may not see eachother everyday and I do miss them when they are not around but when we do get together we have a blast. Not only that but like family when the going gets tough they are always there for me... NO MATTER WHAT! I love these ladies like sisters, a sister is family so eventhough they may not be blood they are a part of me and my family and I love them very much. I will take the Dolce Far Neinte moments with my girlfriends whenever I can and yes, we just talk, laugh and cry and enjoy the sweetness of doing nothing and just being together wherever we may be. I love you ladies very much and I look forward to many more years of Il Dolce Far Niente with you.

And here I thought I was going to have nothing to "blog" about!

So as I am going to bed late last night, I was restless thinking about what I might "blog" about today. Does this make me an official blogger? Will people follow me?  When will I find the time to ever blog again as it is virtually impossible to do it during the day and my nights are usually dedicated to dinner, baths, reading, laundry, sweeping, and some adult time with my husband. Of course I have tons to discuss but when is the right time, how much of yourself do you give as I tend to give way too much etc. but I was comforted with the thought that my material would probably present itself in the most unassuming way.
So my day was going pretty smoothly and routined, this is code for boring for any potential readers. My Baby suffers with constipation and her lax-a-day had really kicked in so as you can imagine the past 24 hours have been interesting. It feels like I have changed about 31 diapers in a 24 hour period. Besides a little poo-poo problem the house is pretty quiet as my 5 year old was off to senior kindergarten for the afternoon. I stopped and thought WOW I am actually enjoying a little Dolce Far Niente with my 19 month old as she napped her cute little heart away. Laying there I thought, "who am I to complain about never getting in any dolce far niente" and with no heads up at all my afternoon was permanently changed. It was 30 minutes into my Baby Girls nap and she started coughing. Now she has had a bad cough/cold for about a week now and was fairly congested but she had no fever and was getting much better. And like a volcanic eruption she barfed everywhere and not just any barf it was the barf up after a nice big bottle of milk before nap time. So I go into Navy Seals mode and quickly undress her, get the bath going, get her changed and comfortable again. As she is playing in her room I am now in my room cleaning up the aftermath of the volcanic barf eruption all over my bed. And all I can think about in my head is, noooooo...not the bed". Oh and lets not forget the beautiful fragrance that comes with a volcanic barf eruption. So it is now 2:30 p.m. the washing machines are working overtime...AGAIN, my bedroom is airing out and drying before I put clean sheets back on it and I took a minute to blog while my Baby Girl happily plays next to me. Well as long as she is happy that is my little piece of dolce far niente for now. Have a great rest of your day world!